Our Quality Certificates

Our Quality Certificates

World Class Production Facility and Quality Standards

Elsan Transformer production center is located in Şanlıurfa 1st Organized Industrial Zone. The products we produce meet the domestic and international energy needs. After every product we produce is approved in the quality control center, we make the sale.

What's ISO 9001?

9001 reveals what minimum conditions an organization needs to meet in a quality management system in order to increase customer satisfaction by meeting the expectations of its customers and regulatory requirements. It aims to create business processes where the same quality results will be obtained every time by determining all stages in the production of goods or services of organizations and by creating a kind of user's guide of the organization.


ISO 9001 : 2015

ISO 9001 focuses on the management system, not what the organization is working on or not. Since it is a worldwide general management system standard, it can be applied by any organization operating in the field of production, service, software and hardware in the private and public sectors. In addition, the size or smallness of the enterprise does not prevent the establishment of the system, how many people work.


When the organization meets the requirements of this standard, it can obtain the ISO 9001 certificate. Certification determines the assurance that the products or services of the relevant organization are put forward as a result of a management approach that is directed and managed in accordance with an internationally accepted management system, and therefore the continuity of the product and service quality of the organization can be ensured.


ISO 10002 : 2018

ISO 10002 standard The complaint-handling process described, which provides guidance on the process of handling complaints about products and services within an organization, including planning, design, development, operation, maintenance and improvement, is suitable for use as one of the processes of an overall quality management system. It is the sum of all the strategies developed to manage the customer and customer relations.

ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System Standard is a standard that can be applied by businesses of all types and sizes, whether they are private institutions, public institutions or voluntary sectors, that want to satisfy their customers and serve them beyond their expectations.

The revised standard as ISO 10002:2018; It is a business standard designed to maximize profitability, revenues and customer satisfaction.

ISO 14001 : 2015

The SO 14001 Standard includes requirements for the control and disposal of environmental aspects in line with environmental policy, environmental objectives/targets and environmental programmes. ISO 14000 is a system standard, not a product standard, and deals with how it is produced rather than what is produced. In essence, it is a management model established on the basis of risk analysis, aiming at reducing the use of natural resources and minimizing the damage to soil, water and air. It describes the establishment of a system that ensures that the environmental factors are determined at every stage of the process, starting from the raw material to the final product and presented to the customers, and that these factors are brought under control with the necessary inspections and measures, and that the damage to the environment is minimized.

It stipulates compliance with the conditions defined by the relevant legislation and laws regarding environmental factors and is based on monitoring and continuous improvement of environmental performance.

Industrial organizations, public service institutions, consultancy firms, public institutions or any organization that supplies products and services can apply ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Standards. The organization can obtain the ISO 14001 certificate when it meets the requirements of this standard.


TSE ensures a healthier and more reliable service by subjecting the companies to which it gives certificate of conformity to a comprehensive audit process.

TSE Certificate is a certificate of competence in production. Organizations receiving this certificate protect their trademarks by adding the TSE logo to their products. TSE's mission is to ensure that national and international trade is healthier and of higher quality.