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ELSAN TRANSFORMATÖR,manufactures oil-based distribution and power transformers up to 25 kVA and 25.000 kVA. Loading capacities are designed in accordance with IEC 60076. 

Distribution transformers can be hermetically sealed or equipped with an oil conservator.Tanks are constructed with flexible corrugated walls(fins),which enable sufficient cooling of the transformer. These walls also compensate fort he changes in the oil volume during the operation.

The advantage of the hermetically sealed transformers prevents contact between the oil and the atmosphere thus periodic oil analysis can be avoided.


We produce at World Standards in 6.000 m2 open and 8.000 m2 closed area.

We are Producing Quality!

We Use Your Modern Test Equipment

Elsan Transformer tests all the products it produces in its own Elsan laboratory. In accordance with TS EN 60076-1 and IEC standards, each completed transformer is tested by our expert team.

Our Production Stages

Elsan Transformer

We work with the best equipment and professional team at every stage of production.