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Test Center with Modern Equipment in TS EN 60076-1 Standards

Elsan Transformer tests all the products it produces in its own Elsan laboratory. In accordance with TS EN 60076-1 and IEC standards, each completed transformer is tested by our expert team.

Our test devices comply with the TS EN 60076-1 standard, and our test center is one of the few well-equipped test centers in our country.

In the test center, we can perform routine and type tests of power from 25 kVA to 25000 kVA and transformers from 6.3 kV to 36 kV.

Elsan Transformer tests all the products it produces at the Transformer Test Center within its body.


The tests described below are applied to each completed transformer in accordance with TS EN 60076-1 and IEC standards.

The Secret of Success

We Perform Tests With Our Professionalized
Team In The Field Of The Most Modern Equipment.

Routine Tests

  • Transformer turn ratio and polarity.

  • Winding resistance measurement.

  • Load losses and short circuit impedance.

  • No-Load losses and no-load current measurement.

  • Induced voltage test.

  • Applied power frequency withstand voltage.

  • Measurement of insulation resistances.

  • Measurement of DC insulation resistance

  • Tests on on-load tap changers, if any

  • Pressure sealing test

Type Tests

  • Temperature rise test.

  • Mechanical endurance test against short-circuit.

  • lightning strike test

  • Noise level test.

  • Tank life test (For Hermetic Transformers)

  • Mechanical strength test against short circuits

Special Tests

Other tests that we apply specifically to the wishes of our customers;

  • Dielectric strength and power factor measurement of oil,

  • Paint thickness and quality control experiment

  • Measurement of zero-sequence impedance

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