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Elsan Transformer

Elsan Transformer production facility is established on an area of 14.000 m², of which 6.000 m² is open and 8.000 m² is closed. We produce quality with our modern manufacturing machines and expert team.

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Sustainability & Quality

Every product we manufacture is subjected to quality control tests by our expert engineers. In our modern test laboratory, tests are carried out in accordance with national and international standards.

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About Us

We have been contributing to our country and country's exports by manufacturing transformers since 2008. We work with more than 12 countries and our export network is growing day by day.

Elsan Transformer serves the sector by manufacturing Power and Distribution Transformers with years of experience in electricity transmission and distribution.

Elsan Transformer

We produce quality with years of experience and our expert team.

With today's modern production techniques and test equipment, Elsan Transformer focuses on quality.

We are working for the energy to reach every point


Low voltage windings are made of Aluminium or Copper foil and flat conductors depending on customer choices. The high quality Kraft paper is utilized as an insulation material between conductors.


Transformer’s core is manufactured by Grain Oriented-Cold Rolled silicon alloyed carbonless steel with low energy losses and high ferromagnetic qualification.Cores have different dimensions,shapes and made of clean-cutted iron sheets.The magnetic field consists accumulating of iron layers.The mounted core is pressed between core clamps.So that vibrations are reduced,noise level is minimized and high efficieny is obtained from magnetic circuit.


The introduction of aluminium wire,strap,strip conductors and enamel coatings requires working professianlly . Aluminium spontaneously forms an insulating oxide coating exposed to air. This oxide coating must be removed or avoided whenever an electrical connection is desired.Also,electrolytic conductor grades of aluminium are quite soft and are subject to cold flow and differential expansion problems when mechanical clamping is attempted.

Tank & Cover

Tank structure has a rectangular shape and its corners have been manufactured from layers which make natural cooling and extend the surface. Each of our tanks which have been manufactured by the technical values shown in project is checked for pressured air and leakage current according to IEC standards before painting.

Drying and Oil Filling

The purpose of drying the active part of the transformer is to remove moisture from the transformer insulation material, increase the insulation resistance and increase the breakdown voltage.


The transformer tanks passing the mechanical tightness test are painted with shot blasting method to make a good protection to corrosion against long-term environmental effects.Metallic components are painted with grey color for last two steps after special protecting priming.

Our Motto is QUALITY

In all the services and products offered by our company, it has a sustainable growth capacity and a structure that does not compromise on quality and customer satisfaction. successfully represented on the platform.

The Secret of Our Success: QUALITY & EXPERIENCE

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transformatör fabrikası
trafo fabrikası

ELSAN TRANSFORMATÖR,manufactures oil-based distribution and power transformers up to 25 MVA and 25 kV. Loading capacities are designed in accordance with IEC 60076. 

Distribution transformers can be hermetically sealed or equipped with an oil conservator.Tanks are constructed with flexible corrugated walls(fins),which enable sufficient cooling of the transformer. These walls also compensate fort he changes in the oil volume during the operation.

The advantage of the hermetically sealed transformers prevents contact between the oil and the atmosphere thus periodic oil analysis can be avoided.

Good Design - Good Production

ELSAN TRANSFORMATOR manufactures with a focus on customer satisfaction, tests products in accordance with international standards and makes them ready for energizing.


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Tests in IEC Standarts

All transformers produced in our factory are subjected to tests in IEC standards by world-class equipment and our professional staff.

transformatör testleri
elsan trafo
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Elsan Transformer production center is located in Şanlıurfa 1st Organized Industrial Zone. The products we produce meet the domestic and international energy needs.

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